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  • A Prose Poem by Jackie Marx

Last Chance for Happiness

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

Happily ever after smolders on the ash heap Moving on without a touchstone, not a penny in my purse, the distant whistle's wailing underscores my desolation Yearning for my yesterday, I hurry to the window in my shabby, shuffling sandals, unholy holey hose Moths flutter from the pockets of my sagging pantaloons "Last chance for happiness," the ticket seller mocks Greasy, grimy grinner, the controller of my fate Forever and beyond, the once sincere inscription upon the gilded band on my gnarled fretting finger... I slip the broken promise over icy bony knuckle place it on the counter to trade it for tomorrow He inspects my proffered payment, casts it back in my direction It skitters off the counter, click-clacking on the concrete I estimate the value of his garish gold incisor as the last train disappears into the harshness of the darkness Last Chance for Happiness. Last. Chance.

Copyright 2018, Jackie Marx

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