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  • Jackie Marx

Uncle Ed (Short Story)

Uncle Ed stood at the barred window expressing his frustrations concerning our captivity.

“For the Trumpet will sound, the Dead will be raised imperishable, and we will be changed.”

I tried to stay silent (I was trapped with him, and he has a temper), but I couldn’t.

“Oh, that will really help us get the hell out of here, Uncle Ed!” I spouted, red-faced. “Why don’t I just pull out my trusty phone and call for help? Oh, that’s right, they took our phones!”

“It’s from the Bible, Johnny,” he said, cool as a cucumber. “1 Thessalonians 4:6.”

“Well, we don’t have a trumpet, Uncle Ed, and we are not dead, yet.”

“Oh, yea of little faith,” he said, calm as ever. “We will walk out of here.”

We had been in captivity for three days with just bread and water. Our crime? To be determined.

“LET US OUT OF HERE! WE DIDN’T DO ANYTHING,” I screamed at the metal door to our prison.

“Save your breath, Johnny. It will do no good. Just watch and wait. And listen for the trumpet.”

Uncle Ed had gone off the deep end. Peachy!

And that’s when I heard it—a fricking trumpet. Trumpet blares bounced off our prison walls in a massive cacophony. The next thing I knew, the bars fell from the windows and the door mysteriously opened. We walked out; no one stopped us.

I still don’t know why we had been held prisoners, and I probably never will. All I do know is: Uncle Ed is one cool dude!

Oh, and I need to buy myself a Bible.

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