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These songs are not studio quality, but I'm not getting any younger and want to share them. One is a rewrite, the rest are new. 


I do write songs other than Vietnam veterans'  songs, although that is where my heart has been. 


All songs are original songs that I have composed except for "All of this Time". This is a rewrite of a song written by Derryl Shapiro and me. 


Coming soon:

Lily White

You Say
You Are a Star

My Momma's Songs

Gray Lady's Down

Hand-Me-Down Man

Inside My Mind

The Eyes of Life

Peewee and Me
Thinking Back...Missing You


Are You Walkin' on the Moon

Friends to the End

Children in My Mind

Rocket City (from Rocket City!)

In the Name of War (from Rocket City!)

Many of my songs can be found at Reverbnation.  I hope you visit.

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