Jackie has been writing and performing her original music since 1972.  She has studied the craft of song composition  at  numerous workshops through the years, including The Sheila Davis Songwriting Workshop, Vanderbilt University Workshop and other  workshops in Nashville and Chicago.   She has gained recognition for her original music at a national, and world-wide level, and has received numerous honors for her musical achievement in the military veteran community. Rocket City! (below) is the culmination of her endeavor to educate and inform through entertainment. 


Gather 'Round Children
Backyard Warriors
Freedom Bird
Sweet Little Child
All My Love Johnny
(lnew song-live performance)
The American Dream
Everybody's Son
After This Firefight
In the Name of War
(new song--live performance)
Chris's Shoes
My Son (new song--live performance)
Land of My Children
Ain't Goin' Back/
Rocket City!
(new songs--live performance)
Freedom Bird (Reprise) (new song--live performance)
The American Dream (Reprise)
They Were to Believe
If Only You Were Here Dad
Backyard Warriors (Reprise)
When I Touch the Wall

Rocket City!
The American Dream...Interrupted




The Flowers Have Come Home

(for my Aussie mates)

You Took Me Down Under

(written for the Aussie vets. Jackie performed it in Australia for the Vietnam Veteran Welcome Home Weekend)

We Remember and We Love You

(for the nurses who served in Vietnam)

Just Like You Said You Would

(J. Grosser/J. Marx)

A love song