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Stay up-to-date: what's happening in my life, veterans affairs, where I'll be performing, Rocket City!, writing I am working on and productions of my other plays.


September 12, 2018 : My play, "Everett Landing" will be produced at the Westcliffe Performing Arts Center in Westcliffe Colorado on September 21 and 22, 2018.



Bob Carpenter passed away on September 2, 2016. His ashes were placed in a niche at the National Cemetery. Airborne!


SYNOPSIS _Everett Marsh has seen it all_



New Things


I'm getting new flooring and furniture (whatever I can afford after the flooring purchase. Unless the ac goes out, then there will be no furniture.)  My PC and laptop crashed so I have gotten a Lenovo laptop to replace both. I am getting a new dental bridge. Seems like everything is dying but is being replaced...except Bob.  Can't replace Bob.

New Play


I'm working on a series of  10 minute plays (10 or more) that link to each other or can be separate. I have been hanging around on dating sites to get ideas. I also went on three blind dates. Great ideas of bad first dates...dates from hell. But they will be funny. Apologies to those three men. Cancel that. One man. Two of them were really pretty mean. Unattractive older men looking for a 30 year old beauty queen and making me feel terrible.  Great material, though.  :-)


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Family Updates
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