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  • Jackie Marx

Father and Son

I waited at the gate discreetly

did I have the right to enter

when I had not been there

for all those years?

all those solitary years

alone he waited patiently

holding benefit of the doubt

for his son, close to his heart

year after year in loneliness

in utter loneliness

he waited for my maturation…

he waited and waited and waited

I was slow to gain awareness

But I finally understood,

I finally understood.

the leaves crunched beneath my feet

I stood in sorrow at my father’s grave

“You did the best that you could.

Please forgive me, Father.

Please forgive me.”

I wrote this poem about a personal situation. My son's wife cancelled his family from his and her lives...and he let her. It is difficult to live with narcissists.


I have not seen him in seven years, though he lives one state over. Oh, we talk on the phone and I know, deep-down he loves me.

I have never posted this information for all to see, but at the age of 78, I am not getting any younger and I feel the need to share.

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