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  • Jackie Marx

Don't Get Around Much Anymore

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Please don't feel sorry for me; I am happier this way.

I was told I needed to be social. Who said that to me? Only mostly everyone throughout my life. So I hung around with people that I didn't enjoy hanging around with. I pretended I did because...well, you know.

Then I learned about narcissism and realized I was a magnet for the 'type'. Only I didn't know I was the victim rather than the friend. I was the 'supply', the 'flying monkey', or the scapegoat'., depending on the narcissist I was dealing with.

Being armed with concrete information about personality disorders helps me navigate my life. I wish I had been younger when I began my education, but at least I now have answers.

Now I realize what was wrong in my childhood. I was the scapegoat (my mom, big time, [sorry Mom] and a bit Dad). My sisters followed suit because they were kids, too. I never felt special. If I did something amazing I was praised, on occasion, but it was always followed with "You're your mother's daughter." This totally negated the accomplishment; I do not do that to my children. It's a morale buster.

Maybe that was her point? No, that was the point.

Back to my point.

Now I am selective. Why waste their time or mine? I enjoy going out occasionally with a few people that I do blend with, but I also enjoy my own company. Practically speaking, I get more accomplished by staying home and not socializing, and I save money. You know-- drinks, meals at pricey but mediocre restaurants, etc.

So if you want to hang around with me and do not possess narcissistic traits (you know if you do, and more importantly if you're in self-denial, I know) maybe we can hang out...

Common interests would be a plus. Since this blog is located on my website, you can see what my interests are; nutrition is another one, as well as interior design and art.

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