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Hot, Hot, Hot...

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

The weather is starting to warm up in the Phoenix area, so, of course, my (1 1/2-year-old) air conditioner decided to stop working properly. I have the thermostat set at 72, and it is 83 in the house. I expect an uncomfortable night. The repairman, Brian, is coming on Friday between 1 and 4. I'm such a pampered baby, complaining about momentary discomfort.

UPDATE: Brian (from Lindauer ) just left. He needs to come back Monday to fix whatever is wrong, but the weather is cool so I don't mind.

UPDATE: Brian came back. There was a broken brass (factory) valve. The refrigerant ran out. The manufacturer will cover the part, but not the refrigerant--which makes no sense. The price per pound is $80 and I need 6 pounds. So if Lindauer can't get this company to do the right thing, I am going to call them and let them know what I think. Brian is due tomorrow (5-10) to finally replace the valve and get my house cool again. UPDATE: The total bill was $650.00. Lindauer's gave me a discount. Of course I put the $650 on a credit card. My house is cool again and I am happy--poorer, but happy.

This post is too short. Need to write more, so I'll ramble:

I watched a movie that I would recommend. The Glass Castle is based on a true story. Woody Harrelson stars in it. I cried. So be warned.

The website I am building for my client is looking fine. I am proud of the design.

This is the logo I designed for his company.

I can't find the round version, but it contains the same art. He wants to place the design on ball caps and t-shirts as promotional items. Once we publish, I will post a link here to KoiManAZ. com.

Oh, and I also revamped my website (the link is hard to see):

I'm working on a new song. Rough idea :

Time to turn the page It's a story you've outgrown.

Prince Charming never charmed The White Knight never showed...

It will change 1000 times before I'm satisfied, so I am sharing my roughest draft. But at least I am sharing. That was not always the case when I felt I needed to be perfect. Age is good for some things.

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