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Updated: Jan 15

I have a narccissist in my life who has demolished our family unit. I study narcissism now to keep ahead of this person or at least figure out the moves to come. Side note: I wasn't sure what was wrong until I saw the dead black eyes staring back at me the last time I saw this person...evil and dead at the same time. If you ever see something like this, you will NEVER forget the experience.

(Cut and pasted from Quora)

Narcissists are known for their lack of empathy and their grandiose sense of self, which can make it difficult to "shock" them in any meaningful way. However, there are a few things that may challenge a narcissist's worldview or cause them to feel vulnerable:

  • Being ignored or rejected: Narcissists crave attention, admiration, and validation from others, so being ignored or rejected can be deeply unsettling for them.

  • Being called out on their behavior: Narcissists may not be willing to admit their faults or accept criticism, so being called out on their manipulative or abusive behavior can be shocking and threatening to them.

  • Losing control: Narcissists often seek to control their environment and those around them, so losing control, such as in a situation where they are caught off guard or are unable to manipulate others, can be a shock to their system.

  • Facing consequences: Narcissists may believe that they are above the law or immune to consequences, so facing legal or social consequences for their actions can be a reality check for them.

It's important to note that attempting to "shock" a narcissist is not necessarily a productive or healthy approach. The best way to protect yourself from a narcissistic individual is to establish firm boundaries and limits on your interactions with them

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