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  • Jackie Marx

The Unfortunate Memory Lapse (Short Story)

Updated: Jan 15

The trip felt like a mistake, but Meredith said "yes" anyway. After all, these had been her friends for twenty years or more. She added her suitcase to the Kia's trunk (which was already filled with suitcases and duffel bags).

“Hi, everyone!” she said as she slid into the back seat and buckled up.

Everyone included Mia, Slone, Evie (her friends since grade school), and Matt, the driver (her former boyfriend from college).

They caught-up during the long drive. As they pulled up to the desolate cabin, a chill ran through her.

"Well, here we are," said Matt, the one who had made all the arrangements for this getaway. "Let's get settled."

Sipping pinot by the cozy fire, Meredith began to relax. The cabin was desolate but lovely.

"Scrabble anyone?" Matt said.

Matt had been her boyfriend at ASU, but they had parted ways before graduation.

As the group played, Meredith studied her ex. She couldn't remember why they had broken up. He was still handsome and sweet. What would have caused the breakup? Had she buried it?

Matt placed the tiles for the word R E J E C T I O N and then got up. "Fire's almost out. I'll chop more wood," he said as he picked up the ax, leaning next to the pile of wood already in the bin.

And that's when the lights went out.

"Are you afraid of the dark?" Matt said, his lips next to her ear, ax in hand. “I can’t remember.”

And that's when Meredith remembered...

© Copyright 2023 Jackie Marx

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